Tell Me MORE

“A question is like a bud with untouched blossoms.” — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Bud to Blossom
Tell Me MORE workshop participants explore the power of RELATIONSHIP in life and the richness of story to strengthen the connections between people. Participants learn listening and interviewing techniques, then craft a story about someone they know using recorded conversation, video, photography, text, and music. Watch examples of TELL ME MORE stories

Tell Me MORE workshops are especially suited for Team Building and Family History initiatives. By deeply listening to others and telling their stories, we experience the most meaningful gift that we can give to each other … our human presence.

Workshop Details:

  • 3 hour Small Group Workshop
  • Individual 1 hour Consultation per participant on Video Interview Questioning
  • Video Interview Production Day
  • Individual 1 hour Consultation on Video Interview & Story Editing
  • 3 hour Virtual Edit Session with Media Artist

Workshop Product Outcome:

  • 1 “Second Story” POV (Point of View) DIGITAL VOICES Story per Participant
  • 1 DVD of unedited interview
  • Tell Me More Story Upload to Web MEDIA Gallery for Public Viewing
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