Digital Voices

Digital Voices Workshops empower family, coworkers or community members as digital storytellers.   Storytellers first learn about the telling and listening of stories, then participate in creating a digital story of personal, community, or organization relevance utilizing audio, video, photography, text, and music.

Watch Digital Voices story examples here.

Digital Voices stories are told from one of three Points of View (POV):

  • First Person: A storyteller driven, first person narrative. Watch “Precious Cargo”, a story from First Person POV
  •  “Second Story: A listener led story about another person. Watch “Beauty Beneath”, a story from Second Story POV
  • Group Tale: A group perspective story edited from workshop dialogue.

Shaping life’s critical moments, important lessons, and interesting people into an organized story can be personally and professionally transforming.  Group activities and one on one mentoring build valuable skills in reflection, critical thinking, deep listening and creativity.  Online sharing through a WordPress blog continues workshop dialogue and jump starts interaction with family, friends, coworkers, and community.

Digital Voices Workshops are customized around a theme relevant for your community or organization. We also offer workshop story packages FORK in the Road, Tell Me MORE, and 3 Apples addressing common themes of HUMANITY, RELATIONSHIP, or CHANGE.

As humans we crave stories. Their meaning can impact us on multiple levels … individually, as a Group and as an organization. By sharing our stories and deeply listening to others, we heighten our understanding of ourselves and those around us. By tapping into the power of stories, we can inspire each other to accomplish whatever matters most to us.

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