3 Apples

Three Apples fell from the sky.
One for the storyteller, one for the listener, and one for the person who takes it to heart.
–Armenian Folktale

Three applies on a tree branch.

3 Apples workshop participants spend time sharing thoughts and stories around common themes relevant for your community or organization.  This conversation is audio recorded and later edited into a “Group Tale”, along with group photography, text, and music.  The finished “Group Tale” is hosted on a WordPress Blog to continue the sharing the dialogue online between participants and the larger community.

3 Apples workshops are especially suited for Community Building and History Keeping initiatives.  By telling our stories and deeply listening to others, we can tap into the power of story for learning, comfort, and entertainment.

Workshop Details:

  • Three hour Story and Picture Sharing workshop for up to 8 people.

Workshop Product Outcome:

  • 1 “Group Tale” POV (Point of View) DIGITAL VOICES Story
  • Story Upload to Web MEDIA Gallery & Blog for Public Viewing and Discussion


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