Bitter Sweet

HAPPY SPRING!  As new buds burst a fresh start to whatever lies ahead for me, past fruits are buried into the ground no longer visible.  Sometimes bitter & sometimes sweet … life always moves on.

Last spring I attended a Center for Digital Storytelling Facilitator Workshop at Stonebridge Farm, a beautiful organic farm just outside the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  I have been using media to tell other people’s stories for many years … but what is the best way to mentor emerging Digital Storytellers?  Their advice … First, tell your own story.

About a month before this workshop, my kitten died. The impact on myself and my husband was quite dramatic.  I know, I know … how could a kitten’s short life have such an impact on me?  I wondered too and knew this was my story I needed to tell. Now a year later, my story PRECIOUS CARGO is completed.

Ironically, during this workshop, the student I mentored also had a “cat story”.  She did a great job and I learned a lot from her.  Here is her story, NINE LIVES.

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